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About BibleCrawler

BibleCrawler enables sophisticated searching techniques on biblical texts.  BibleCrawler was developed by Michael Stead, arising from his doctoral research on the Hebrew Bible.  Finding that mainstream programs couldn't do the kind of searching he needed, he wrote his own search engine.

About the BibleCrawler Software
BibleCrawler is written in C# using the .NET 2.0 framework. It is open source and open standard.  It allows access to data in a variety of SQL databases.  It is user-configurable - users can add new databases and on-screen layouts without any programming knowledge.

Databases & Licences
WTS Morph 4.14            This is a licenced database, which comes in a an add-on module

Public Domain / Creative Commons licence
GNTMorph                     Created from work of James Tauber
Brenton's Translation of the Septuagint

CCAT Licence
LXX                               CCAT - scholarly use, research purposes licence
LXX Variants                   CCAT - scholarly use, research purposes licence
Parallel MT / LXX             CCAT - scholarly use, research purposes licence
RSV                              CCAT - scholarly use, research purposes licence.  The Revised Standard Version of the Bible is copyright © National Council of Churches of Christ in America and distributed to registered users under the CCAT licence with their kind permission. 
Special licence for research purposes only
SDBH                            Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew
The following database were created by Michael Stead specifically for BibleCrawler

Hebrew word families (initially derived from BDB, updated manually from HALOT)
Hebrew Lexicon
(initially derived from BDB)
Greek lexicons - LXX / GNT / Combined (initially derived from LSJ, and heavily augmented)
Greek Word Families (initially derived from LSJ, and heavily augmented)
Vulgate Morphology
Versification - derived from the OSIS Referencing System 

For more information, see  Databases and Licences.


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