Technical Overview


BibleCrawler is written in C#, using the .NET framework 2.0.  (Keeping within the feature set of .NET 2.0 maximises compatibility).


It uses SQL queries to access the back-end data.   Data is stored in MySQL databases, which can be either ‘local’ or ‘online’.  Users can toggle between these two modes in Config-Preferences.

The connection string for a database may be hard-coded in its Database File (See Config-Databases).
connectstring~Database=mylocaldatabase;Data Source=localhost;User Id=bible;Password=crawler


If the connection string in the database file is blank, the connection string will be as specified in Config-Preferences.  There are two default connection strings, one for Local mode and one for Online mode. 




See the website ( for instructions for installation of a local version of the BibleCrawler data files.


BibleCrawler displays retrieved data in HTML format.  The Layout is also in HTML (see the explanation in the ‘Basic Concepts’ help file).

Full source code is available. Contact rev[dot]stead[at]gmail[dot]com for more information