Welcome to BibleCrawler, a search tool for advanced research of the Bible. BibleCrawler is a search engine that allows you to design and customise queries on a wide variety of biblical texts and lexica in a number of translations.

BibleCrawler comes in three versions.

BibleCrawler – BibleCrawler and all its databases are installed on your PC. Download for local installation

BibleCrawler APP – Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store

BibleCrawler.NET – A web-based version of BibleCrawler (demonstrating only a subset of BibleCrawler’s functionality).

In using BibleCrawler, you are agreeing to the terms of the CCAT USER DECLARATION and the Research Purposes Scholarly Use Licence (see here)

Some clever things that you can do with BibleCrawler!

  • Search the Hebrew Bible by word, phrase, morphology and/or WORD FAMILIES
  • Semantic Searching: Search the Hebrew Bible using Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew (SDBH) data
  • Search the LXX and Greek NT by word, phrase, morphology and/or word family
  • Search the parallel MT/LXX to see how Hebrew words are rendered in the LXX (and vice versa) 
  • Search lexicons (including searching definitions and fuzzy word searching)
  • Compare 2 passages and highlight common lemma, family & semantic domain
  • Complex compound searches using the Search Bucket (see ‘Advanced Searches’ above)
  • Display LXX Variant information
  • link to Logos Resources &  Perseus Online for lexical analysis